Recently, the national epidemic situation has been repeated, and the epidemic situation in Guangxi has shown a multi-point distribution trend, among which the epidemic situation in Qinzhou is extremely severe。On the morning of March 23, Boschco Group received an emergency task arrangement from the Ecological Environment Department of the autonomous region and rushed to Qinzhou。After receiving the news, Bosch took action to face the epidemic,The emergency epidemic prevention and control working group of Chaiqin Prefecture was established, and Corit Environmental Protection actively participated in the epidemic prevention assault。

Strong logistical support has built a strong backing for the fight against the epidemic

Group response day,Corrit took the lead in assembling the logistics team,Chen Kangning, manager of the Marketing Department, led the team members Chen Liting and Li Bin of Aikoning Company to arrive in Qinzhou quickly,Coordinate with local ecological environment Bureau and CDC to disinfect areas where positive cases have been involved or stayed,Most of them are public places such as shops, restaurants, KTV, shopping malls and hotels。

Due to the sudden incident, public places in the city have long been closed, and solving the problem of accommodation for the upcoming commandos is the top priority currently facing。Manager Chen a line of three people all over the city to find accommodation hotels, and finally booked two hotels before the commando arrived on March 24, scattered to stay, so that everyone has no worries。

During the day, the logistics team was busy distributing epidemic prevention supplies, taking stock, ordering and delivering meals, deploying the only two vehicles to transport equipment and disinfection members, and driving to and from different disinfection points no less than 20 times。His clothes were so wet with sweat that he could squeeze out water。After meeting with local epidemic prevention and control teams in the evening, they worked out plans and assigned tasks overnight。Getting up early and getting up late, sleeping less than five hours a day,They said:"In order to let the front line" soldiers "can concentrate on the disinfection work, it is worth it!"

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Take the lead and bear the responsibility

Wan Zhuoming is a project manager at Collette Environmental,When I received this urgent assignment,He took the lead,We have always been at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control,Fully cooperate with the group to participate in disinfection and epidemic prevention training and preparation of disinfection materials,As leader of the first kill squad,At 7 o 'clock on March 24,Led 8 team members (7 from Colleit Environmental Protection and 1 from soil Repair Department) to reach Qinzhou as soon as possible,There is no rest,Immediately dive into the intense work of elimination。

On March 25, he received the elimination work of the Lotus supermarket, because the task was urgent and he could not understand the area of the elimination site, he led the team members Lu Yuqi, Lu Shixiong and Li Zengyi to a total of four people, and found the supermarket area to be scary after arriving at the scene, covering an area of nearly 1.30,000 square meters, plus all kinds of shelves, the total area of killing far more than 1.30,000 square meters, he knew that four people simply could not complete the task, wearing protective clothing inconvenience to carry mobile phones, unable to call for reinforcements。When the task of elimination is difficult,He encouraged the group,Face up to difficulties,Spray the disinfectant bucket after bucket,Dragging heavy feet,Only a quarter of the area has been completed in the morning,Too tired to eat lunch,Take advantage of the lunch break to request reinforcements Pan Yongjin, Shao Xinlu two members,There are 6 members,The elimination work will continue in the afternoon。

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The supermarket is located on the first floor of the shopping mall, the environment is relatively hot, coupled with wearing heavy protective clothing, the team members have breathing difficulties and physical discomfort for a long time, they take turns to rest, and finally successfully completed the task of the day。

The "epidemic" will not let go of the post-90 sanitation people

Lu Yuqi is a reserve cadre at Korit Environmental Protection。He used to be a firefighter, has also been involved in many rescue work, this highly risky elimination mission, for him, in fact, is a normal thing。He has been working cautiously and carefully in the face of this "invisible danger."。

On the morning of March 26, Lu Yuqi and manager Wan Zhuoming received the task of killing two powder shops, and they came to the store and found that the table was still placed with leftover bowls。In order to avoid the kitchen processing is not timely, resulting in the breeding of bacteria in the store in the later period, they decisively dealt with all the soup powder in the kitchen waste bin that was not inverted, and the tableware and garbage that were not packed were sorted out in different areas。Then carry out comprehensive disinfection work。In the process of operation, there will be a sore throat and a runny nose, but he has no time to take into account that he can't tell whether it is nasal discharge or sweat, and still concentrate on the elimination work。

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The actual distance between the two shops is about 1 km, carrying disinfection equipment, wearing protective clothing, walking is inconvenient。However, when taking a vehicle, you need to take off your protective clothing and disinfect it before you can get on。Knowing that protective clothing is scarce, they choose to walk to the next disinfection point in order not to waste resources。But when they tried to reach their destination, the road was blocked,So he turned around and walked another 2 kilometers to reach the next disinfection point。

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A hotel room was temporarily received at noon that day。Lu Yuqi saw everyone very tired, he volunteered, put on protective equipment, went to the hotel to carry out the killing work, because the hotel personnel on the killing area is not clear, resulting in a serious disconnect。The original killing time of half an hour was delayed to three hours, but he did not complain, silently endured sweat soaking his body, and completed the temporary task according to the standard。

On the way back on foot after completing the task, many volunteers drove private cars to pick up the personnel, but he refused。Because the concentration of disinfectant is too high, they are afraid that after spraying the vehicle, the leather material on the car will be corroded, and they resolutely choose to walk back, and it is impossible to find a shared tram solution。

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There are many "killing heroes" like this who are conscientious and sacrifice themselves, such as the frontline personnel of the Korit sanitation project (Lu Shixiong, Liu Jianping, Luo Chunfeng, Yao Huifen;Li Zengyi of the Minzu University project, for them, the sanitation work has long been at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic。They use standardized operations to normalize the epidemic response, build a strong firewall for epidemic prevention and control, and guard the safety line for epidemic prevention and control。We will spare no effort to ensure environmental hygiene in all urban areas and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic。

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The anti-epidemic assault team was attended by 23 members from all units of Boschco Group, all party branches and the molecular companies Corit Environmental Protection and Aikoning。The killing area is large, the points are scattered, the working environment is harsh, and the personnel are overdrawn several times, but they have overcome various difficulties。From March 24 to 26, the elimination work of 28,692 square meters at 46 sites in southern and northern Qinling districts was successfully completed in just four days。It was recognized by the Qinzhou Disinfection Working Group, highlighting the responsibility and social responsibility of environmental protection enterprises, and contributing to the iron army of environmental protection for epidemic prevention and control。March 27, Boschko commandosAll is wellReturn to Yong, enter the security quarantine period。

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