Guangxi University for Nationalities (Siyuan Lake Campus) project

Guangxi University for Nationalities (Siyuan Lake Campus) property service project

The property service project of Siyuan Lake Campus of Minzu University provides campus cleaning, green maintenance, garbage collection and transportation, student apartment management, public teaching rooms, stadium management and water and electricity maintenance and management services for logistics management Office of Siyuan Lake Campus of Guangxi Minzu University。

Since June 12th,The BoSCHco Property Service Center does a good job of personnel mechanical equipment and pre-job safety skills training in time,Constantly adjust and optimize services,Strive to build a comprehensive campus property service entity with strict management system and reasonable talent team structure,In the spirit of ownership,From multiple angles, multi-directions, multi-level casting civilized harmony, clean and tidy campus,To provide a beautiful campus life environment for all teachers and students,Will write a new chapter of college property in the days to come。

We will deepen safety education and training and strengthen education on team building

Boschke Property Service Center has always implemented the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management"。Conscientiously study and implement important production safety documents, do a good job of risk control and hidden danger investigation according to the actual work, and fully implement the production safety responsibility system。Carry out in-depth safety training meetings, fully popularize fire safety knowledge, and regularly organize and carry out on-campus fire drill activities。

Create a beautiful green environment and build a harmonious campus life

At the beginning, mechanical cleaning and greening maintenance were carried out at the gates and surrounding areas, ASEAN Building, student apartment area, major main administrative school roads, and sanitary dead spots in the campus. Lawn pruning, hedge pruning, tree raising and tree disease and insect pest control were carried out at the gates, teaching buildings and dormitories。Do a good job in CET-4 and CET-6 English test classrooms, graduation venues, vaccination venues and double selection venues, and be responsible for the cleaning and killing of buildings。In view of the surge in garbage during the graduation season, emergency plans are taken to increase the number of people and vehicles, increase the frequency of clearance, and fully implement the work of "daily clearance" of garbage。Targeted at key areas where mosquitoes, flies, mice, ants and other vectors are frequently active, such as garbage dumping points, public toilets, sewers, corners, underground garages and other areas, comprehensive and full-coverage elimination work will be carried out to effectively control the density of "four hazards" and reduce the harm of vectors to human beings。

Stick to the post strictly observe the duties, and effectively welcome the semester to start

In order to prepare for the opening of the school, ensure the smooth admission and return of new and old students, and let all teachers and students live and study comfortably on campus, BoSCHke Property Service Center conducts comprehensive inspection and repair work for the public areas responsible, and timely accepts and solves the warranty problems reported by teachers and students。Clean and replace household items for 25 rooms of Expert Building of ASEAN College, complete curtain cleaning and cleaning equipment for 11 classrooms of main building of ASEAN College and 77 classrooms of Mingde Building, and complete inspection and cleaning of various teaching hardware facilities and equipment to ensure normal teaching order。For dormitory management,Actively cooperate with the summer decoration work,This included supervising the renovation of 152 dormitories during the summer, washing of washing machines and replacement of dormitory doors,At the same time for each floor water dispenser, power distribution room, fire extinguisher fire hydrant special cleaning,More than 680 dormitories for graduates were cleaned up,Unified management of nearly 1,230 student dormitories,Watch day and night shifts,Welcome to school with a new dormitory。