Hezhou project

Hezhou project

Guangxi Colite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hezhou branch contracted service area of 5545662.At 069 square meters, the mechanical coverage rate of the main and secondary roads in the urban area reaches 90%, and the daily waste treatment is about 400 tons。

Among them, on May 9, 2019, it took over Hezhou urban main road cleaning, garbage removal, transfer station and public toilet maintenance, landfill operation and other market-oriented service projects,Contracted service area of 3971246 square meters (the main scope of service: Hezhou urban area east to Liantang Mawei Bridge bridge and He Street highway exit including park Expo Park around the road,North to Uncle Mountain Avenue gas depot station,South to Highway West toll station,West to Tanjialing Electronic Technology Park。), the main operation of 1 landfill (total storage capacity of about 95.50,000 cubic meters), 1 leachate treatment station (two sets of equipment designed to handle 400 tons/day, the daily water volume is about 240 tons/day), 48 public toilets (46 open), 12 transfer stations (9 open)。

In November 2019, it took over campus cleaning and garden management services of Hezhou College, with a contracted service area of 528,178.769㎡。

In January 2021, we will take over the sanitation business project of the West Back Street in the urban area, with a contracted service area of 340,000 square meters。

In July 2021, we will take over the environmental sanitation cleaning and landscaping maintenance service project of Lingfeng Square, with a contracted service area of 80040 square meters。

In March 2022, it took over the cleaning and cleaning project of Dongrong Square, with a contracted service area of 163,820.46㎡。

In March 2022, it took over the cleaning project east of Chuangye Road in the East of the city, with a contracted service area of 200,000 square meters。

In April 2022, it took over the greening and maintenance labor service project of Ailian Lake Park, with a contracted service area of 262,376.84㎡。

In April 2022, it took over the river waste removal project on both sides of the flood discharge river。

Since its arrival, Corit Environmental Protection has solved the employment problem for more than 700 local sanitation workers originally under the government management, and through standardized, standardized and modern management, it has achieved an advanced operation mode with a mechanization rate of 80% and a real man-machine combination。All cleaning, property management, urban garbage disposal, urban road flushing, public toilet management, landscaping and maintenance services were carried out in an orderly manner.The beautification and maintenance effect of the project has been excellent in the investigation of the leaders of the autonomous region and the major inspection activities of the autonomous region for many times, and has been highly praised by the government and residents and the attention of the news media。